10 Reasons Why I Chose Cancun, Mexico For A Romantic Couple Holiday

As some of you might have seen from my Instagram posts I decided to get my boyfriend a trip to Cancun, Mexico as a Christmas present. It’s somewhere we’ve both never been but have heard so much about, from party holidays to honeymoons. I wanted to book somewhere that would be relaxing, luxurious, have great food and great nightlife. Cancun seems to have it all!

I’ve booked an all inclusive holiday at Sun Palace in Cancun for 7 nights in April. I booked through First Choice holidays and got an incredible deal which includes flights from London Gatwick to Cancun (we’re based in Dublin so we’ve booked cheap Ryanair flights from Dublin to Gatwick). Take a look at the First Choice website here.

sunpalacebeach(Credit: hotelscombined.com)

Here’s 10 reasons why I chose Cancun for a perfect sun holiday:


I really wanted this to be a relaxing, stress-free holiday after a hectic 2017 so the thought of adults only just appealed to me so much. It hadn’t really crossed my mind before I researched it as we’ve never stayed in an adults only resort before. Sun Palace was voted TripAdvisor’s Top Hotel for Romance two years in a row and it seems perfect for what we want – to just switch off and chill out in the sun for a week without any interruptions 🙏


(Credit: palaceresorts.com)


When I saw all the photos of Sun Palace I was blown away. I was torn between going to Moon Palace or Sun Palace. I’ve heard and seen so many things about The Grand at Moon Palace. I went with Sun Palace in the end because the adults only will make it that bit more relaxing and I got a much better deal on Sun Palace.


(Credit: tropicalsky.ie)

The great thing about staying in one of the palace resorts is that we can use all three hotels – including Beach Palace and Moon Palace (pictured below). I’m pretty sure there’s a shuttle bus between the three resorts.


(Credit: vacationexpress.com)


I went on an all-inclusive holiday before to Lanzarote but I’ve never done it like this. I was shocked to realise that not only are all our meals included in this offer but also all drinks including top shelf liquor. WHAAAT?! We are both big fans of a sneaky whiskey or a cocktail so we’ll really be in our element and save so much money in comparison to other holidays we’ve been on. Although maybe we’ll be converted to Margarita drinkers by the time we get back..


(Credit: saturdayeveningpost.com)


We’ve been talking to a few of our friends who’ve been to Cancun and they said one of the best things about Cancun is the selection of amazing restaurants in the resorts, which are included in our all inclusive deal. Sun Palace offers Mexican, Italian and steak/seafood restaurants within the resort. However, I think the authentic Mexican restaurants in Cancun appeal to us a lot more! Tacos, burritos, margaritas… Yes please! Considering we survive on tacos this will be heaven!

Places like El Gallo Gallo, Nebrina & Cancun Outback look ridiculously tasty! I’d love to hear some more recommendations though.. 😛


When I saw photos of Cancun’s beaches I fell in love. The combination of white sand and turquoise blue waters is perfection. There’s a reason why so many people choose to honeymoon here (I know three couples who’ve honeymooned in Cancun in the last year) – This place looks like absolute paradise #nofilterneeded

I can’t wait to swim in these clear blue waters.


Maybe this is a pathetic reason but a swim up bar is just the icing on the cake on a sun holiday for me! Sun Palace has an open bar at the pool where you can order a drink and enjoy it while in the water.. HEAVEN ON EARTH!


I’ve booked a seven night holiday which seems like a short trip (I wish we could go for two weeks but our circumstances don’t allow for it!) Therefore we want to make the most of our time in Cancun and soak up as much sun as possible. This kind of tropical setting can be found in Maldives or Seychelles but they are much further away. The fact that we can arrive in Cancun less than 10 hours after our departure from Dublin is a HUGE attraction. Cancun are 5 hours behind us meaning that we leave Dublin at 10am and arrive around 3pm so that works out well too. We’ll have time to get settled and explore our surroundings when we arrive 🙌


I’m sure everyone will laugh at me for this but the fact that there is a hot tub in our room with our balcony looking out on to a sea view is my idea of travel goals. This just sounds so luxurious and Instagramable! All I need is a glass of champagne and I’ll be in my element.. The rooms look gorgeous, which was one of the main reasons why I went with a Palace Resorts hotel (the other option was the Riu hotels).


(Credit: mexicancaribbean.com)


April is the last month of dry season in Cancun, meaning that there’ll be highs of 30 degrees and lows of 23 degrees. Ideal sunbathing weather 👙 The average sea temperature is about 27 degrees which means it’s perfect for sea activities such as swimming with dolphins or snorkelling which are very popular in Cancun and we can make the most of our trip!


(Credit: olympus-tours.com)


I’ve seen so many travel bloggers swimming in these beautiful cenotes in Mexico and this has been on my bucket list for so long!

(Credit: thrillist.com)

Seriously so beautiful! We’ll probably rent a car and drive to find some of the hidden gems Mexico has to offer 😍

I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave! Follow my social media (Twitter/Instagram) as we head off on a romantic trip of our dreams in April ✈️

Thanks for reading!

Karissa x

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