Vegan Hot Wings: Have you tried them?

Happy Hump Day!

So as you know I’ve lost my marbles and gone vegan for January! One of my biggest concerns was giving up my obsession with chicken wings. Gav and I go to Wishbone on Montague Lane a lot and it is hands down the best place in Dublin for chicken wings. To all the non vegan/vegetarians you have to try it! 🍖

Anyway last night I went for food with a friend at Oxaca in Dundrum. The food here is so good – it’s one of my favourite places for Mexican food and they have €2 tacos on a Tuesday! The tacos are all meat/fish filled but I found a very tasty alternative – the ‘veggie’ wings! These are basically bits of cauliflower in fried breadcrumbs covered in Frank’s hot sauce. YUM!!! They tasted as good as they sound 🙌

Have you found any interesting vegan alternatives? I’d love to hear your advice or feedback!

Karissa x

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