VEGANUARY: My Vegan Shop for less than €35

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great Christmas and here’s to health and happiness in 2018 🎉

As it is the start of a new year I have decided to make a big change and go vegan 🌱 I’m aiming to have a strict vegan diet but allow exceptions for fish. We’re calling ourselves ‘seagan’ in the office – basically a vegan who eats seafood occasionally! 🐠

My main reason for going vegan is for the health benefits. I’m very aware that my diet is mainly made up of processed food and a lot of sugar so I really want to get healthier, have more energy and look after my body better in 2018.

So, yesterday I went to Tesco and I got loads of vegan ingredients for just under €35.

Here’s what I got to feed me for about a week:

Red lentils These are so handy for throwing into a curry or soup and they’re quite filling.

Pure Sunflower Oil Spread A great butter replacement – I’m planning on making some tasty garlic bread with this or melting it in a baked potato.

2 packs Blackberries I throw these into my coconut milk porridge. 

2 packs frozen sliced peppers These bags of frozen veg are so handy because I can just throw them into a pot and make up a chilli or korma in a few minutes.

2 packs frozen sliced mushrooms

2 packs frozen diced onions

2 cartons coconut milk I’ve been struggling to find a non-dairy milk that I like for ages – I’m not mad on almond, rice or oat milks but coconut and hazelnut are my favourite.

Avocados These are a brilliant addition to most meals – I love to make guacamole to add flavour to dishes or have with tacos.

2 cans chickpeas I found a few chickpea curry recipes on Pinterest. I’ll post a recipe after I’ve tried this one out.

Vegan sour cream (made from coconut) I love this on some veggie tacos.

Vegan korma sauce 

Raisins Just for a snack ☺️

Dark chocolate I love a square of this melted into my porridge in the mornings. Not so healthy but this is my one treat!

Refried beans All about the tacos… Make sure the ingredients are vegan though as these can sometimes contain lard.

Taco shells The Ol’ El Paso ones are vegan. Woohoo!

Nakd Cocoa Orange bars I love these when I get the 4pm slump in the office. They taste like a healthy version of Terry’s chocolate orange.

Some of the meals I’ve had over the last few days are:


Dark chocolate coconut milk porridge with blackberries


Prawn Massaman Curry with rice from Mango Tree 🍤
Vegan burrito from Zambrero 🌯



Taco shells with rice, veggie chilli and vegan sour cream

Vegetable green curry with rice


I’m almost three days down now and Veganuary isn’t proving to be too difficult for me! I find I’m sleeping like a log at night time and I wouldn’t have the energy for a 5 mile run (as if I ever did that anyway) but I’m not missing meat or dairy products too much at the moment. It’s definitely manageable, dare I say enjoyable!

This weekend will be challenging as we have three birthdays in my family and the celebrations will be in full swing! I’m hoping to do my best to stick to my new ‘seagan’ diet while in restaurants and where treats are concerned!! I’ll keep you updated on Instagram!

Karissa x

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  1. Congrats on giving it a go! I have full faith in you 🙂

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