My 15 Favourite Travel Instagrams

Hello/Hola/Bula 🌺

I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite travel bloggers that will give you serious wanderlust! Most of them also have YouTube channels but I’ll do a separate blog post on that soon 🎥

Give these accounts a follow:

1. @travelentines

This is a couple travel Instagram, set up by a couple from Portugal, Dan and Maggs. They have been to some amazing places including Great Wall Of China and Bali.

2. @travel_inhershoes

This has to be my favourite travel Insta at the moment! Aggie Lal is the lucky girl, originally Polish but living in LA, who gets to travel the world and take incredible photos. If you need bucket list inspiration you need to check out her Instagram. Most recently she did a YouTube video on the lantern festival in Chiangmai, Thailand and it looked incredible!

3. @roamaroo

I’m a sucker for a travel couple Instagram. American couple Scott & Collette are living the dream, travelling all around the world as a hobby 🗺 They’ve been to Fiji, Cayman Islands and Aruba recently. It doesn’t get much better than that!

4. @wheretopeanut

The fact that Nicole’s tagline is ‘inhale tacos, exhale negativity’ is enough for me! She has incredible photos from places such as Seychelles and The Bahamas. I can only dream!

5. @carajourdan

Cara is in a league of her own on Insta with over 200,000 followers. Who wouldn’t want to follow her trips to Mexico, Mykonos, The French Riviera? This girl travels in style and I wish I had her life, her tan and her body!

6. @forever_foreigners

Jace and Steph are an American travel couple living the dream. Follow their adventures to some of the most idyllic parts of the world including The Bahamas and Bali where they take the coolest photos. They have less than 10,000 followers but I can see them gathering a huge following very soon.

7. @luluescapes

I only came across Charlotte’s profile recently but wow it is incredible. You can tell that she puts a lot of thought into the photos she takes including colour schemes etc. If you’re into travel photography this is a great account to follow. She will be travelling to Asia and Australia in the new year and I can’t wait to follow her journey ✈️

8. @theblondeabroad

With 466,000 followers this is the ultimate travel account! Kiki’s Insta features some of the most amazing photography of places including Bora Bora and Mozambique.

9. @theblondeflamingo

Dominika was born in Poland but lives in London. She has over 50,000 Instagram followers and has travelled to the most exotic places including Maldives, Seychelles, Santorini and Amalfi Coast, Italy. She’s definitely one of the most stylish travel bloggers and I love following her to see what outfits she’s wearing!

10. @theblondietravels

If you think having kids is stopping you from travelling Melanie is here to prove you wrong! The French travel blogger takes her son with her travelling across the world to places like Mauritius, Kenya and Panama.

11. @they.wanderlust

OK – on to my favourite travel Instagram! I absolutely love this family – Siobhan, Byron and their adorable son Mason. They produce amazing photography and videography for resorts around the world. Dream job! They are also probably the most photogenic family I’ve ever seen. Recently they visited Dubai, LA, Maldives, Aruba, Zanzibar and Sri Lanka. Siobhan is an Irish influencer and it’s great to see someone from Ireland having so much success as a travel blogger!

12. @takeoffwithlove

As the name suggests this Instagram feed is filled with pretty travel pictures themed in pink and blue. I love her creative photos taken at places such as Paris, Slovenia, Milan and Colombia.

13. @bucketlistwithboo

I love the name of this blog! Rick and Lindsey are American newlyweds following their dreams. If you’re looking for couple travel inspo look no further! Some of my favourite places they’ve visited are South Africa, Thailand and Japan.

14. @themarriedwanderers

I love following couple travel Instagrams as myself and Gav have always planned to travel the world together at some stage in our lives and it’s so interesting to see where other couples are going! They’ve recently travelled to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and China and I couldn’t be more jealous!! Imagine getting married and then travelling to these places with not a care in the world. GOALS!

15. @mytraveltricks

I only started following Amsterdam girl Daisy recently and I’m already hooked on her Insta. She’s travelled to 47 countries and 6 continents in the last year or so and seems to find so many hidden gems. She has less than 8,000 followers but will definitely become widely recognised in the travel Instagram community in 2018. Some of my favourite posts are from her trips to Greece, Namibia, Morocco and Peru.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

My blog is going to start focusing a lot more on travel and food as these are what I love to read about!

Karissa x

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  1. I see why they are your favourite, their photographs are fantastic! I haven’t seen their work before so will check them out and also follow some! Thanks for sharing!

    Mike Clegg

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