My Favourite Fancy Restaurant in Dublin 

Hi Everyone,

Gav brought me to Rustic Stone restaurant on George’s Street Dublin last week and it was incredible! I hadn’t been there in at least 3 years and all my favourite dishes were still on the menu.

I’ve called this blog post my favourite fancy restaurant because I’d consider this a place to go on a special occasion. Gav and I would usually go to more casual places like Wishbone, Wowburger, Neon 😍

The food is delicious here, with menu designed by celebrity chef Dylan McGrath.

I had duck and beef sandwiches for starters, glamburgers for main course and chocolate soup with chocolate mousse for dessert.

The cocktails are also top class!

This restaurant is best known as a “steak on the stone” restaurant. When you order steak you also get a hot stone to cook your meat on… Here’s a video of Gav’s:

Take a look at the menu here.

I’d highly recommend booking this restaurant for your next special occasion,

Karissa x

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