How I Reduced Sugar In My Diet 

Hi Everyone!!

In this post I’m going to talk about how I dramatically reduced refined sugar in my diet.

I recently watched a video from a fitness centre in Ireland that said that eating high protein and loads of green vegetables at every meal would stop sugar cravings, in addition to taking a spoonful of cinnamon every day. I’m sorry but that just wouldn’t work for me!! I just can’t go cold turkey straight away and it’s unrealistic! So hopefully this post will be helpful for anyone who also finds it difficult to leave sugar alone ☺️

So during the week I talked about how I went sugar free for 40 days on my Instagram stories. It got a really good response so I thought I would do a blog post on it too 👌

For about 2 months before lent this year I started to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. I started trying to gradually cut out fizzy drinks, chocolate and sweets. I really believe that this has to be a gradual process in order to be sustainable. Before I did this I was eating a chocolate bar or having a fizzy drink every day so this is a massive transformation for me!!! 💪

So when I got to the start of lent I felt as though I was able to give up these sugary things without getting intense cravings. I was using sparkling water as a substitute for fizzy sugary drinks, one square of dark chocolate in place of my normal milk chocolate bar and I was just avoiding jellies completely (I wouldn’t eat them much anyway).

Dark chocolate. Just be careful with this one. If you’re having dark chocolate limit it to one or two squares per portion & make sure it’s 85% cocoa or higher. Look for the bar with the lowest sugar content – in my experience this is the Lindt one, but it’s slightly more expensive.

Dark choc is a much better option than sugar-rich milk chocolate and has some great health benefits:

  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Full of antioxidants to boost immune system (8 times more antioxidants than strawberries)
  • High in magnesium, reducing high blood pressure and risk of diabetes
  • Contains anti-depressant agents
  • Good for skin and slows signs of aging

If I was craving chocolate cereal for breakfast I’d make myself a chocolate protein porridge bowl topped with fruit and a square of dark chocolate chopped up on the top. This would keep my sugary cravings at bay for the day! It’s pretty easy to make – just put 30g oats in a pot with 400ml Almond milk. Once cooked put into a bowl. Add some chocolate flavour protein powder – I use this vegan one:

Add just a scoop of the powder and add about 100ml cold water. Mix around until it all mixes smoothly together. Add more water if you need it. I usually chop berries & bananas to put on top and chop up some dark chocolate too to finish. So yum!!! 👅

I kept off chocolate and fizzy drinks during lent for the majority of the time. I’d say I broke it maybe 4-5 times with either a bit of chocolate or a fizzy drink which wasn’t bad at all, compared to what I used to consume!!

I ate all the Easter eggs I wanted over Easter weekend and I’m now back to my healthy reduced sugar lifestyle drinking sparkling water, avoiding jellies & chocolate, and having a few squares of dark choc as a treat.

It’s working so well for me. Hopefully this can help other people too because sugar can be SO addictive! Giving up sugar has so many health benefits in terms of improving heart health, increasing metabolism, reducing body fat percentage, providing improved energy and fighting illness and infections.

Ask me any questions! I feel the best I’ve felt in years now because I’ve given up my sugar addiction!

Thanks for reading,

Karissa x

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