Healthy Massaman Chicken Curry 🍚

I won’t have much of a blogging career if I keep forgetting to post things 😂 Apologies for the delay getting this recipe up for the Massaman Chicken Curry we made last week (when I say We I refer to my boyfriend cooking most of it – he is an incredible chef & I hope he opens a restaurant some day 😜). Here we go…
I’m really aware that I post a lot of recipes with meat. I like this dish because it’s easy to make it a veggie one 🥕🍠 I see you veggie followers and I want to start creating more recipes to suit this space 🙌

OK so what you’ll need to make this dish is pretty simple & this measurement will feed 2 people: 

A large frying pan

1 bag of microwaveable Basmati rice (I buy Lidl for less than €1)

2 chicken breasts, diced

1 tin reduced fat coconut milk (I use Amoy, which I get in Tesco, SuperValu, any of those places)

Chopped mixed peppers (I get all my veg in Lidl)

Sugar snap peas, washed

Bag of spinach, washed

1 brown onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, chopped as small as possible

Coconut oil (I buy Aldi for €4 👌)

1 tablespoon of Massaman curry paste (we get this in an Asian food shop)

How to make: 

Put a tablespoon of coconut oil on the pan on medium heat. Wait until melted before adding the garlic and onions. Lower the heat.

Once the onions go translucent move them to one side of the pan with the garlic and add the chicken to the other side. Turn up the heat a little. Don’t let the chicken brown. Keep turning it until each side is cooked and has turned a white colour. Once the chicken looks cooked and the pink bits have disappeared mix it with the garlic and onions. Next add the peppers and sugar snaps. Pour in the coconut milk and leave on a medium heat to let the chicken and veg cook in the milk. After about 5 minutes, add in the Massaman Curry Paste.

Stir this into the milk. I love this Massaman Curry paste because not only is it delicious it’s also low in calories and sugar 🎉

Put your basmati rice into the microwave. Make sure to separate the rice through the bag before you put it in the micro or it’ll all be stuck together when you take it out (speaking from experience 🙄)

Look at rolo in that pic 😂

It usually takes about 2-3 minutes and then it’s ready – so handy 👏 In the meantime grab two handfuls of spinach and put them into your curry on the pan. The spinach will start to wilt after a few minutes so stir it in when this happens, otherwise you’ll end up with curry everywhere if you try to stir it in before that. You might need to turn up the heat a bit here.

All that’s left to do now is dish it and enjoy…we love to garnish the rice with some black pepper and coriander. Delicioso 👌

One portion of this meal is about 800 calories and 60g of protein, making it the perfect post workout meal. It’s packed with veg and so nutritious. I also love to make this without rice for a lean low carb meal when I’m not working out 🔥


Karissa x

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