Fitness Update: I’ve lost another 1kg πŸ‘Š

Hiiii! πŸ‘‹ 

I’ve gained a few new followers over the last week so if you’ve just started reading my blog thank you!! 

My goal weight at the moment is 12 stone or 76kg. 

My goal right now is just to burn calories through cardio and drop weight. Once I get to 76kg I’ll start incorporating weights into my exercises more to tone up. 

When I started this fitness routine two and a half weeks ago I weighed 82kg. I lost 2kg in the first week. I only weighed myself again yesterday and I’m down another 1kg πŸŽ‰ Not bad after a cheat weekend with chicken wings and alcohol! I’ll explain how I manage cheat meals later in this post. 

When I get to my desired weight I will change my fitness plan to incorporate more weight training and a less strict diet πŸ€— I will also stop using the scales as a measurement of my fitness because weight doesn’t necessary reflect progress. I will talk through that when I get to that stage. 

But for now I’m on a mission and 76kg is in sight πŸ‘€

I started my new fitness plan on Monday 20th March. I had been going to the gym maybe 3 times a week before that and cooking some of the recipes from the Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books. 

I wasn’t sticking to it strictly enough though, and I wasn’t burning enough calories in comparison to what I was eating. I was eating a lot of takeaway etc. at the weekends or we’d randomly decide to go out for dinner during the week. This is why prep is key! I’ll discuss this later on too. So I just decided to put 100% into my health and fitness goal and have been doing so for the last 2 and a half weeks. This plan is really simple to stick to and also really effective for me so far… πŸ’ͺ I see people on Instagram eating bland scrambled egg for breakfast every day or completely cutting out carbs and that’s really not necessary or sustainable! 😭 

Ok so what is my current plan? 

1. Use cardio & HIIT exercises to burn calories with 5 workouts a week (no excuses!!) I usually do a combination of piloxing classes, HIIT classes and TRX classes during the week. If I do a class like Pilates I’m not burning enough calories so I’m just sticking to these classes at the moment. Piloxing is brilliant and I’ve gotten really good at it so I definitely recommend trying out this class. Read my blog post on piloxing here. If I can’t do a class I go to the gym and use the cross trainer, stepper and exercise bike to burn 350 calories per session (I started at 300 calories and built this up – this is usually a 40 minute workout). The key to this is really to prioritise getting 5 workouts in per week. It might mean you have to get up early before work or go to the gym after a long day but it will be worth it!! 


2. Eat low carb meals unless I have worked out. After a workout I eat a carbohydrate refuel meal from one of the Lean in 15 books. I usually choose rice as the main carb in my meals. 

I have recipes for Chilli con Avocado and Burger with sweet potato fries πŸ” up on my blog under the Food section. I’m going to post a delicious recipe for Massaman Chicken Curry later. Keep an eye out for that one 😍 

I think I’ll also post some lunch ideas soon too because I find that can be the hardest meal to plan. I make sure I stick within my calorie limit on My Fitness Pal for everything I eat, even if it’s a carb refuel meal πŸ‘
3. Record everything in My Fitness Pal app in my phone. 

I use this app to record my current weight and goal weight. Whenever I lose weight I update this in My Fitness Pal. I also record my meals, snacks, water intake and exercise. This means I can track my calories each day from the moment I wake up. The app also syncs with the pedometer on my iPhone so that my steps are counted and automatically counted in the calories I have burnt for the day. The app suggests that I should have 1,650 calories per day if I want to lose 0.5kg per week. This is really working for me so far and I can eat very substantial meals. The app also allows me to see my nutrition for the day and also a breakdown of macronutrients: 

4. Cut out chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweets 🍭 I’m not eating any of these at the moment to keep my sugar intake low. I’m also really conscious of the sugar content in foods and try not to eat anything with more than 10g sugar per 100g. I curb sugar cravings by eating fruit and curb fizzy drink cravings by drinking carbonated water. This is probably one of the hardest things to do and I recommend slowly cutting out these things instead of all at once because you won’t be able to do it! Sugar is incredibly addictive. I allow myself to have one sugary thing when I have a cheat day. 

5. Have a cheat day every two weeks. Previously I was eating healthy enough Monday to Friday but eating whatever I wanted really at the weekend or out drinking etc. With my current plan I allow myself a cheat day every two weeks, usually at the weekend, where I can eat a cheat meal, drink alcohol and have something sugary. I find this works so well for me – it’s so easy to avoid crap for two weeks and work your ass off in the gym when you have a cheat day to look forward to. Two weeks really isn’t that long and it means I can stay focused on my weight loss goal and get a great routine in place πŸ’ͺ 

There’s times where I have to miss a night out or dinner with friends but at the end of the day getting my body in shape is my number one goal right now. There’ll be more nights out in the future that I can go to! It’s all about focus. 

6. Drink 4 litres of water a day. It’s so important to stay hydrated for weight loss and to allow your body to function at optimum level. I track the water I drink daily on My Fitness Pal. 

7. Go to bed earlier! I think everyone is guilty of lying in bed on Instagram until 12 or 1am. I’ve been trying to get up earlier so that I feel more tired in the evenings. I try to be asleep by 11pm. I try to get at least 8 hours sleep a night. I find a hot shower before bed knocks me out πŸ˜‚ 

8. Take a multivitamin and increase intake of nutrients. I’ve started taking a multivitamin which is definitely giving me more energy. 

It’s only about €12 from Boots. 

I’m obviously counting everything I eat in My Fitness Pal but I’m trying to incorporate fruit and vegetables into my meals. I try to have fruit 4 times a week with breakfast and load up on vegetables with lunch and dinner. I don’t eat fruit every day because of the high sugar content. Spinach, sugar snaps, peppers and courgette are usually thrown into all our dinners to load up on veggies πŸƒπŸ₯’

That’s pretty much all I’m doing right now. It’s really not restrictive and I can eat some delicious meals, especially post workout. I’ll keep posting about my progress and some more meal ideas. I have progress pictures but I’m not going to post them until I’m closer to my goal…

Hope this is helpful! 

Karissa x 

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  1. Dave Gardner says:

    Awesome work! Keep pushing. If you are ever interested in bodybuilding, visit and join the JYM Army. Awesome people and great information.


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