Mexican Chillies cooking classes at Picado, Dublin 

Last Friday, 31 March, we had a brilliant evening at Picado on Richmond Street in Dublin 🌶

I got Gav a present of the Mexican Chilies Workshop, which took place from 6.30 until 10.30pm which was the perfect time after work 🙌 We joined 4 others so it was a small group of six, which was perfect. Lily who runs the store made us feel so welcome and brought such a sense of fun and humour to the evening, as well as some brilliant recipes and tips for cooking Mexican dishes. She also suggested that we bring our own alcohol so Gav ran out to the shop to get some bottles of Corona quickly before the class started! ☺️🍺 

I would advise going to this class a little bit hungry as there is so much delicious food to eat from the time you step foot in the door! 

If you’re interested in Mexican food and cooking some authentic recipes Picado has all the ingredients you will need including tortillas, different types of chilies, salsas, beans, name it! All of the products are also very reasonable priced. We will definitely be buying our Mexican supplies from here instead of Old El Paso etc. or other supermarket brands 🙌 We realised just how many additives there are in supermarket brands in comparison to the real Mexican products available at Picado and it really is shocking! According to Lily there should never be sugar in tortilla chips! Who would have known?! You can of course buy proper Mexican tortilla chips at Picado 🎉

At the start of the class we got recipe books so we could follow what Lily was making in the kitchen. We brought these home and cannot wait to make our first dish soon! 😍 

We were treated to a jug of Lime-inade on arrival (lemonade made with limes instead of lemons) which was delicious and really complemented the Mexican food! 

The best part about this class is that you get to taste all the recipes that are made as you go along and have a big feast at the end. First, we had corn on the cob coated in mayonnaise and chili and lime seasoning. This was so tasty and the corn was so sweet and fresh 🌽 

We then made two delicious salsas and tasted these with proper Mexican tortilla chips (trust me, you’ll notice the difference). 

We made a delicious pork dish with onion, coriander, caramelised pineapple and freshly squeezed lime juice served with toasted Mexican tortillas. Delicioso 👌 

We also got to eat the Chicken Tinga dish we had made and the potato dish. This meal was so delicious, especially with our bottles of Corona! 🌮 

This was such an enjoyable evening – Gav and I love cooking and we can’t wait to make a few of the many recipes in our booklets. The flavours that we tasted were out of this world and nothing like those in the pre-made taco seasoning etc. you buy from the supermarket. The recipes are also very easy to make (well they look it anyway 😄) 

These are a few supplies that we bought from the shop (the extra hot salsa is obviously Gav’s 🙈):

If you’re passionate about Mexican food you should definitely visit Lily at Picado for a Mexican Chilies workshop! Any one who loves spicy food will love this. I’m not into crazy spiciness and Lily offered to leave out some of the chillis for my portion. There really is something for everyone here, even if you don’t have a great tolerance for spicy food! We also learnt how to make salsas without having to chop up any ingredients – the best trick ever! 

Picado also run tortilla workshops, enchilada workshops, Mexican supper club, tamales workshops and vegetable tacos workshops. Take a look at their website here where you can book classes and order online. 

Follow Picado on Facebook here or Instagram here to find out more about their classes and shop. 

Thank you to Alan and Lily for having us for a wonderful evening – we learnt so much about Mexican food and can’t wait to go back soon! 🌶

Karissa x 

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