Cocoa Brown tan: How I apply it 

This is a post all about how I tan and use the Goddess Oils to enhance my glow! ✨

I’m probably Cocoa Brown’s dream customer because I love every single product the brand has. I use a combination of Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff, Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan, Cocoa Brown Double-Sided tanning mitt, Golden Goddess & Rose Gold Goddess Oils and Cocoa Brown T1 & T2 Tontouring brushes. 💖

Two days before I’m going to do my tan I usually use the Tough Stuff scrub to exfoliate off my old tan and prep my skin. 

Cocoa Brown Dark 1 hour tan is my favourite tan at the moment. It’s non-comedogenic therefore doesn’t block pores, develops really fast in an hour and the colour looks brown on my skin, not orange. 

I apply tan all over my body with the double-sided mitt which is super handy. I always use the T1 brush to apply tan to my hands though. 

I start off with a little bit of tan on the mitt as above in the picture and build the product up on my hands. Don’t try to do too much in one part of your hand or it won’t look even. I’d usually use about 3 or 4 of these blobs of tan for just one hand. You actually need a surprising amount by the time you blend it in with the brush and make sure it all looks even. 

I move my hand like a claw, as I would getting a spray tan, to make sure I get tan in all the creases of my hand..

I’ll generally put on one layer of tan before I go to bed and shower it off in the morning. Then I’ll do another layer after I wash it off. Two layers is usually the perfect colour 👌

When I have the two layers of tan washed off and I’m getting ready to go out I love using the Golden Goddess oils. The glow is dreamy and I just think they come out so well in photos. 

I usually use Golden Goddess Oil on my legs and the Rose Gold Goddess Oil on my chest and arms. I always apply this with the T2 tontouring brush so I can build up the product and get different angles.

This is the Golden Goddess Oil on my leg over two layers of CB Dark tan: 

So pretty! ✨✨✨

Here’s the Rose Gold Goddess Oil on my other leg: 

You can see this glow has a bit more of a pink hue to it. It also looks amazing when you have a real tan 😍👙☀️ (one can dream) 

Here’s a comparison of the two oils on my legs, Golden Goddess is on the left and Rose Gold Goddess is on the right. 

The Golden Goddess Oil really picks up the flash on the camera. 

I’ll post a few more pictures on Instagram of my tan and the Goddess oils over the next while. 

Karissa x 

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