Fitness routine: my current weight loss goals

Hope everyone is having a great week!

This post is about my struggle with weight loss and I’m going to detail my new fitness plan. I am so determined to get healthier and fitter once and for all! 💪

I used to be pretty slim when I was younger. My mum used to laugh at me because I’m the biggest hoarder and I was still wearing age 12 pyjama tops when I was about 20 🙈 I could eat whatever I wanted and I never really noticed any weight gain. When I was about 21 I started training for 10K runs. I started doing this as a way of challenging myself, raising money for charity and as a break to clear my head when I was studying. I then subsequently went through a break-up and used running as a way of dealing with it and staying positive. It really worked! At this point I was probably the slimmest I’ve been in my 20’s and I had so much body confidence. These photos were all taken about 4 years ago so I was about 23.


In the above photos I would have weighed about 10.5 stone and I now weigh a shocking 12.8! I know that fitness isn’t all about weight (muscle can weigh more than fat) and as soon as I get down to 12 stone I will start ignoring the scales and focusing more on progress pictures. 📸

About a year after those pics I started getting anxiety and panic attacks (as a result of family circumstances) so I completely stopped working out because I was getting headaches and dizziness and all these other symptoms. That was when I started gaining weight, slowly but surely. I was also eating more (eating my feelings basically!). So I’ve really gained a lot of weight around my stomach which I cannot wait to shift. I also have a very noticeable double chin and the shape of my face has changed! What I’ve realised now though is that exercise really helps me when I’m feeling stressed.

It’s funny though I met the love of my life at the worst shape of my life and I’m happier than ever! ❤️ I just want to do this for myself. I wouldn’t say I have low self-esteem but I’m really conscious of my health and the fact that I don’t fit into any of my clothes anymore! I’m also conscious of stretch marks and cellulite. The more crap I eat and the less I workout the worse these will get and the harder they will be to get rid of! When I go travelling the world I want to feel fab in a bikini 👙 

I follow a ton of fitness bloggers and I have done research on different types of workouts including HIIT versus LIIT. I know what I should be eating and I have good knowledge of the nutritional value in different foods. I know what I should be doing in order for my body to be burning fat and it’s just a matter of putting the right plan into place and sticking to it. I don’t think I need a personal trainer right now (as if I could afford one anyway).

If you look back at previous posts on my blog and Instagram you’ll see that I’ve constantly talked about my fitness goals and desire to lose weight. Last December I told you all that I had big fitness goals and was doing The Body Coach SSS plan for 90 days. I’m still in the same position and weigh the exact same as I did then. My progress pictures have very little differences. I’m going to share why it hasn’t worked:


I was cooking all the meals from the Body Coach Lean in 15 cook books but not necessarily at the right times. I might have a carb-refuel meal on a day where I haven’t worked out which obviously I’m not supposed to do or add rice into a dish that’s not supposed to have it because it’s supposed to be low carb. Just a lack of organisation and meal prep. I’d also just eat fast food or frys whenever I felt like it 🙈

My BIGGEST downfall is my love of food! Gav is an amazing cook so he’ll regularly cook up a tasty carbonara or we’ll go for a burrito or get an Indian takeaway. I totally believe in the odd treat but I’ve been indulging too often!

However, I gave up fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate for lent. I’ve broken it a few times but I’ve massively cut down on all of these in comparison to what I used to consume. Whenever I crave a fizzy drink now I just drink carbonated water to curb the craving. So that’s a positive change and I’m going to continue with that..

2. Workouts

I just can’t do a home workout which the Lean in 15 plan is all based around. I just don’t have the motivation or the space really – it’s too easy to get into bed and watch a movie instead of doing a workout in my bedroom after a long day at work. Getting the motivation to go to the gym has been a real challenge some days. Some weeks I’ll go four times a week and others I’ll go once. Consistency is key! 

I also think the type of workouts I’ve been doing haven’t allowed me to burn enough calories. In my gym there’s a huge demand for classes and they have to be booked online. The bookings page opens at 6am every morning so if I don’t wake up to book at that time the class will more than likely be full when I wake up. This means I either won’t go to the gym or I’ll go and do my own workout in the gym instead of doing a class where I’m being pushed harder. When I do my own workout the machines can be really busy or I might just do 20 minutes if I’m not feeling in the mood. I need to push myself harder! Once I get into a routine it gets addictive so it’s just a matter of starting properly really.. 

So that’s what I’m doing wrong. And I think there will be lots of people in the same situation.

Here’s my fitness plan which I started on Monday 20 March. I’m not putting any time limit on this e.g. 12 weeks etc. I’m just going to start this routine and see what results I get: 


I think this plan should be pretty easy to stick to. When I work out I don’t get a craving to eat junk food. My body will crave green juices or a spicy healthy curry after a workout. I feel so guilty eating crap food after a workout which is good! So it should all click into place.

I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app for the last week and I find it brilliant. The Body Coach plan is based around not using a weighing scales or counting calories but I think I really need to right now to get my weight loss kick started. I’ve put in my weight and height and set my goal as losing half a kg a week. Therefore I can have a maximum of 1,650 calories a day and I record these every day in addition to exercise and how much water I’m drinking. The app motivates you to work out because you have a larger calorie allowance when you exercise. You can also add friends which is the best motivation – nothing like a bitta healthy competition 🥇 Download this great app here.

Meal prep is key. I try to do maybe two shops a week to get all my fresh veggies and ingredients for a few days.

I just shop in Lidl or Aldi which makes it super cheap. We usually get our meat from Dowlings Butchers in The Swan Centre, Rathmines. We pay €30 for 10 chicken breasts, 20 eggs, 1lb lean mince & 8 Chilli and Coriander turkey burgers. It’s amazing value and lasts at least 2 weeks. We freeze most of it. 

At night I will prep chocolate banana protein overnight oats or cook one of the other Lean in 15 recipes for breakfast.

The key to this plan is to do more high intensity exercises that will burn fat. I’ve been doing Piloxing classes which I love (burn about 300-400 calories per 30 minute workout approx.), TRX classes (burn about 200-300 calories per 30 minute workout approx.) and my own workouts in the gym which consist of mainly using the Crosstrainer machine, the stepper and the exercise bike. I will be dripping sweat after all of these workouts which is what I need 💦 If your ass isn’t sweating you haven’t worked hard enough 😂 I’m also going to do one HIIT circuit class a week (burns approx. 500 calories per 30 minute session). 

I find having new pumping playlists to listen to all the time really gives me motivation and I work a lot harder during my workouts. I’ve been setting my alarm for 6am most mornings to make sure I get booked into my class so I have no excuses!

I’ll keep you updated with my progress… 

Karissa x 



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