Wowburger: a cross between Bunsen & Five Guys! 

So we FINALLY got a chance to go to Wowburger today in Mary’s on Wicklow Street and it didn’t disappoint! 🍔🍟
There’s also restaurants located in Ranelagh & in Workman’s on Wellington Quay. Check out the menu here. It’s pretty similar to the Five Guys menu. 

The restaurant has a great atmosphere – it’s set out in booths, with an open kitchen where you collect your food from the chefs once your order number is called.

We got Bacon Cheeseburgers with Garlic Butter fries and Chilli fries (basically taco fries). Similar to Five Guys there are free refills on soft drinks 👍 Did I mention it was a good €10 cheaper than Five Guys? Amazing value. The burgers were €6.95 each, the Garlic Butter fries were €2.95 (and huge portion!) and the Chilli fries were €3.95. 

We had to wait about 15 minutes for our order to be called which was a bit disappointing but it was worth the wait – I think it just felt like longer because Gav was on his lunch break & we were conscious of the time. 

The burgers were incredible – we both love Bunsen & Five Guys and it was like a mix of the two. The burger meat was so succulent & the streaky bacon was cooked perfectly (I find the one in Five Guys too crispy) 🥓. I ordered Chilli Fries but I ended up eating most of Gav’s Garlic Butter ones. They were so tasty. The chilli ones were delicious too though & not too spicy. 

(I’m getting so hungry writing this). 

This is like Bunsen & Five Guys mixed together for a fraction of the price 🤗

I’d highly recommend this place – one of Dublin’s hidden gems 😍

Karissa x 

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