Blackhead Extraction Paste by Misfit Cosmetics 

I’m sure everyone has seen the blackhead eliminating paste fails all over YouTube but I found a brilliant one. The key is not to put it near any hair or delicate areas on your face – only where you have blackheads. Don’t use it like a mud mask. 

I tried out the Misfit Cosmetics one this week and the results are amazing! 

The mask isn’t at all painful to take off. Make sure to leave it on for 25 minutes. I usually do it after a hot shower so my pores are open. 

I’d just plucked my eyebrows here so ignore the red patches! 👀

The mask will harden on your face over the 25 minutes and you’ll know when it feels ready to take off. 

Here’s a close up after I removed it:

My blackheads aren’t completely gone but it’s a million times better. 

You can see what had been taken out in the mask: 

Buy it here

It’s definitely worth a try. I’m going to start using this a few times a week to keep my pores clear.

Karissa x 

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