40 Day Challenge: Giving up fizzy drinks, chocolate & sweets for lent! 

I’ve decided to give up fizzy drinks, chocolate and sweets for lent not for religious reasons but for body goals reasons 💪
I’ve never really deprived myself of anything before or stuck to a strict diet. Now that I’m on a healthy eating & fitness plan I want to see if I can make it through the 40 days. I’m going to use an approach I’ve seen done by body builders – have a junk food box that I can put any chocolate into and eat it at the end of the 40 days! (obviously not all in one go) Whenever I crave a fizzy drink now I drink sparkling water – it curbs a craving and helps me stay hydrated 💦

Added sugar is just empty calories and I really want to focus on increasing the nutrients in my diet. Sugar is highly addictive and I think once I cut it out I won’t get such bad cravings for fizzy drinks, chocolate, etc. Sugar also reduces the body’s ability to fight infection and of course lowers metabolism and promotes weight gain.

I’m eating these raw protein balls instead of chocolate as a snack. They’re great for a boost of energy. I’ll post more about these soon.

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙈

Karissa x

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