How I get volumised hair without the hairdressers!

When it comes to hair and beauty I have so many hacks for doing it cheaply!

I’m thinking I’ll share how I do my individual eyelashes for the next post….
OK so flat hair suits some people (see examples below!) but it just doesn’t suit me at all!



I love having volumised hair but can’t afford to be in the hairdressers every weekend so I just do it myself. I’ve already posted a blog on my heated rollers which I absolutely love for nights out but this is a post on how I get day-to-day volumised hair. Read my heated rollers post here.
I wash my hair with this shampoo and it’s making a huge difference. My hair is much thicker and it’s way easier to add volume to it when I’m blow drying it. I think I bought it for about €3 in Penneys.
I’ve posted about the conditioner I use before. It’s the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil conditioner. Read my blog post here.
So first I blow dry my hair with a round brush. To get the full effect tie half your hair up and do the underneath first, like so:
Excuse my roots here! I’m getting them done this weekend!
Once the bottom layer is dry and bouncy blow dry the top part. The key is to flick the brush under your hair while drying to make your hair really lift from the roots.
Next you’ll need about six large rollers – you can buy these in Penneys, Boots, Chemists. It’s not hard to get your hands on some but make sure you get the larger size.
Put the rollers underneath your hair, roll to the top of your head and pin it with a hair slide (bobby pin). I buy packs of these in Penneys for about €2.
It depends how much volume you want but leave these in for at least 20 minutes to get a volumised effect. I usually leave them in for about 40 mins. If you’re just getting ready for work 20 mins is perfect while eating breakfast!
As soon as you put them in hair spray them and when you’re about to take them out hairspray the hell outta them again! I usually just brush my hair into whatever style I want then.
Here’s a few pics messing with filters after I took the rollers out:


If I really want extra volume or need to style my hair more I use my trusty back combing brush which I keep in my handbag at all times. I got this for about €2 in a salon supplies shop.
I just absolutely love this look:
Hope you like this tip – try it over the weekend…
Karissa x

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