Healthy Alternatives to Cravings!

Happy Saturday! Thank God January is almost at an end.

I’ve been wanting to do this blog post for ages but I wanted to make sure I had all the photos before I did.

So here it is – my healthy alternatives to bad food.

Junk Food: Chocolate Bar
Healthy Food: Fulfil Protein Bar


These protein bars are ridiculously tasty – they taste like After Eight. I actually crave these more than I crave actual chocolate now. You have to try these! I only like the two chocolate flavours in the green and blue packet.
Junk food: McDonald’s 
Healthy food: The Body Coach #burgerme with sweet potato fries (post workout meal) 
This is soooo tasty! This is a post workout meal from The Body Coach’s recipe book – eat this when you’ve earned it after a sweaty workout.
I always buy the smallest sweet potatoes I can find because they’re much easier to cut up. Chop them into chip-style strips and place on a tray on tin foil. Drizzle with olive oil, cajun spice and a tiny bit of chilli flakes. Pop into the oven for about 15 minutes. The thinner you cut the chips the faster they’ll cook.
Dice an onion and mix it into a pack of raw mince with your hands. Make round burger shapes and fry on the pan in coconut oil. Toast your burger buns. We usually cook this for two people and we end up with four burgers, so we have one each and save the others for the next day.
Make up your burger sauce by mixing yoghurt, chilli flakes, pepper, finely chopped fresh coriander and a squirt of tomato puree together.
Add this to your burger in addition to a slice of tomato and some spinach. Insane!! I love dipping the sweet potato fries in a bit of burger sauce too… Mmmmm.

Junk food: Processed Guacamole 
Healthy food: Homemade Guacamole 

OK honestly, this is the best thing ever and goes soooo well with everything. We eat this on burgers, with sausages, eggs, chicken burritos, you name it!

To make chop up garlic, red onion and cherry tomatoes finely and place into a bowl.Chop two ripe avocados into small pieces and add to the bowl. Make sure the avocados are ripe and a bit squishy or it won’t work! They can be hard to get in the supermarket – the struggle is real.

Squeeze the juice of a lime into the bowl and mix until a bit mushy and blended together. Refrigerate and eat whenever you please – with tacos, on toast, with pitta bread, whenever! This one is well worth the effort – it’s great for a bit of flavour at lunch time.

Junk food: Chocolate mousse 
Healthy food: Protein rice pudding 

I only made this recently and it was delicious. It’s another of Joe’s post workout recipes. Pour 500ml almond milk, a squirt of honey and 100g pudding rice into a pot and cook on high heat until at the boil. Let it simmer for 20 minutes before taking off the heat. Leave to cool for five minutes before stirring in the protein powder (don’t put it in while still piping hot as the powder will go lumpy).

Pop a strawberry on top and you have the perfect dessert or post workout treat.

Junk food: Processed dips
Healthy food: Homemade pesto

It took me a while to get the hang of this one I have to be honest but it’s a tasty one. Don’t over blend it and make sure you add enough Parmesan are my tips here.

Boil two heads of broccoli, broken into florets. Remove and run under cold water after 1 minute. Throw into a blender with 4 tbsp pine nuts, 3 tbsp grated Parmesan, 2 bunches of basil leaves, 1 clove of garlic chopped and the juice and zest of a lemon (use a juicer). Finally add 75ml of olive oil before blending.

Hey pesto! Delicious with carrot sticks.

Last but not least my favourite one….

Junk food: Takeaway pizza
Healthy food: Tortilla pizza

This one is a low carb alternative meaning that you can eat it when you haven’t worked out. Woohoo! We love to keep this as a weekend treat. It is so simple and quick – great when you’re in a hurry.

Spread some chopped tomatoes (you can buy a tin of them) onto a tortilla/wrap. Top with chicken/chorizo/serrano ham, spinach, green peppers and feta cheese. You can have whatever toppings you like. This is a great low calorie yet filling yummy meal.

I’m getting hungry talking about this – I’m off to make dinner!

Have a great Saturday night!

Karissa x

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