My favourite brand for fighting acne – Proactiv!

So I’m going to fill you in a little bit on how acne has affected me since I was a teenager…

When I was about 15 my skin broke out really bad and gradually got worse. I had spots all over my face, chest and back and it really affected my confidence. I went to the GP who gave me Minocin to take, an antibiotic in a small dose (I can’t remember exactly how many mg). It worked for a while and then I started to break out again, worse than ever. I even had spots on the back of my neck. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup in school which definitely didn’t help my self-esteem! On nights out I can remember using two concealers and three foundations to cover my spots! Eventually I went to a dermatologist and started taking the contraceptive pill, Dianette, which worked wonders for me. It was a slow process but after about three months my skin was finally starting to clear up. I took it for about two years and then switched to Yasmin which isn’t as strong but also helps prevent acne I’ve heard reviews that these pills can make some people have side effects but they worked for me. Different things work for different people!
Soooo my skin was great for about eight or nine years after that. I haven’t been taking Yasmin for almost two years and my skin has been great apart from the odd pimple. However about three months ago I started getting breakouts again – really angry spots and sore! At the start I thought it was an allergic reaction or just from sweating at the gym but turns out it’s adult acne. It’s nowhere near as bad as it was before but I’ve got breakouts all over the sides of my face and my chin. The GP has put me on a strong antibiotic now, 300mg of Tetracycline. My skin is definitely improving slowly (I’ve been on it for about a month now). I’ve definitely felt more tired and sometimes a bit nauseous since taking it but it’s fine – nothing too troublesome. I just have to make sure I take it on a full stomach.
I tried Tea Tree Oil (recommended by pharmacy) and loads of different brands like La Roche Posay and Vichy but didn’t see any results. I had heard good things about Proactiv so I ordered the skin smoothing exfoliating wash, pore targeting treatment, complexion perfecting hydrator and skin purifying mask online and I have found them absolutely brilliant. They all do exactly what they say on the tin.
When I started using them I found it frustrating because I couldn’t notice much difference (apart from when I used the mask – it’s magic!) but after about a month you’ll start to notice a huge difference. Keep using it morning and night and you will eventually see results – Proactiv works by bringing all the crap on your skin to the surface at the start so give it time 🙂
These work in a three step process – 1. exfoliating wash 2. pore treatment then 3. hydrator. I do this routine every morning and night and I try to wear makeup as little as possible, even when I’m going to work. I use the mask about four times per week and I haven’t stopped raving about it. It completely takes the redness and angriness out of spots and they will have reduced a lot within a couple of hours of using it. I usually use this before bed with my usual skincare routine and I will notice a considerable difference the next morning. I can’t recommend this enough! My teenage sister has also discovered it so I need to order some more as it’s pretty much gone now.
Step 1 – Skin Smoothing Exfoliating Wash
Step 2 – Pore Targeting Treatment
Step 3 – Complexion Perfecting Hydrator
My favourite thing about these products is that they don’t dry out your skin like other spot creams do and they’re not damaging to your skin.
I really want to spread the word about these as I know how awful acne can be. Hope you find this useful! Never let bad skin get you down 🙂
Karissa x

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