Prep week before the 90 day fitness plan!!

Hi Dolls,

Next Monday, 9th January, I’m going to start the 90 day SSS challenge by Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. If you look at his Instagram @thebodycoach you’ll see lots of success stories and details about the plan. I love this programme because it’s really easy to stick to, you tone up a lot and the best part – the meals are soooo tasty!!

So, after the Christmas binge here’s how I am prepping this week before I start the plan:

1. Cut out fizzy drinks & alcohol and drink loads of water.

2. Start introducing veggies into lunch and dinner and stop eating crap! Change to healthy snacks.

3. Replace tea and coffee with green tea.

4. Start taking multivitamins – my favourite is Sona Multiplus. 

5. Start doing some exercise, whether its going to the gym, swimming or taking the dogs for a walk. This way it won’t be such a shock next week! 

6. Now is the time to join a gym if you aren’t already a member. You can do all of the workouts at home though so it’s not essential. I personally prefer to use the gym so that I can keep home as my chilling out place 🙂 

7. Take a photo of yourself that you can use in 3 months to compare your transformation 🎉

8. Very importantly get food prepped. I’ll do a big food shop before Monday so I can be really organised with all my lunches for work and dinners in the evening. 

Here’s some of the ingredients to buy: 

Garam masala
Curry powder
Ground cinnamon 
Chilli flakes 
Tinned tomatoes 
Light soy sauce 
Olive oil
Coconut oil 
Coconut milk 
Protein powder (I use this one)
Chicken breasts 
Tins of tuna 
Lean steak mince
Turkey mince 
Bacon medallions 
Feta cheese 

You’ll probably need more ingredients next week but that will be good to get you started. I buy all my meat in a butchers in Rathmines that do a deal – it’s called Dowlings butchers in the Swan Centre. Lots of butchers do deals so have a look around to get the best value. I buy everything else in Lidl or Aldi. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to be healthy. 

9. I swear by drinking green juices for an energy boost. They are so expensive though so only if you can afford it. 

10. Get some form of blender, food processor or smoothie maker. It’s so handy for making quick smoothies and protein shakes. I use the Nutribullet and I love it. 

11. Do up your food and exercise plan for next week. Here’s the one from Joe Wicks’ book that I use. 

Make sure you stick to this plan. After every workout you have a protein shake and a carbohydrate-refuel meal. At all other times eat low carb meals. I’ll post up these recipes as I go along! Check out the Avocado con Chilli low carb recipe that I posted up recently. 
12. Get some nice workout clothes. If you have any vouchers after Christmas use them to buy some comfy workout leggings and supportive runners. This is key! 
13. Make a pumping workout playlist – this really keeps me going while I’m in the gym. I love RnB and upbeat dance tracks to keep me motivated while I’m working out. I’ll put up my gym Spotify playlist soon.. 🎶
14. The key to sticking with the 90 day SSS plan, I believe, is that you have to really want to do it! You have to have your eye on the prize, really want to lose weight and get fit. What I do is I look at my fitness idols on Instagram, celebrities I want to be as toned as, etc. Keep this in your mind and have a goal. Remember why you’re doing it and stay focused on that goal. Some of my favourite fitness inspirations are Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Iza Goulart, Rosanna Davison and Sarah Stage. I’m not saying I want to look exactly like them but their dedication to fitness is so inspiring!! 
Hope this is helpful. Stay tuned for lots of workouts and 90 day plan recipes from The Body Coach plan. Let’s get fit together!!
Karissa x

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