Our favourite Indian takeaway and our bad experience with Marvin.ie!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

The Sunday fear is well and truly starting to settle in now. It’s nights like this that my boyfriend and I like to cuddle up with a delicious takeaway and watch a movie. Our favourite takeaway is Mehek in Rathgar, Dublin 6. Any dish we order from here is absolutely delicious – I can’t recommend it enough! We keep saying we’ll go to the restaurant and have a sit in meal so maybe we’ll do this over December 🙂

I usually get the Zaffrani Korma which is a lamb korma dish. It’s a mild creamy flavoursome sauce – you get tons of sauce to dip some naan bread into 👌


Gav gets the spiciest lamb dish available – I’m afraid to even try it but he loves spicy food. It’s called the Lamb Vindaloo. Yummy if you like spicy food.

We also get some Poppadoms because if you’re gonna do it you may as well do it right! I personally think Mehek knocks Bombay Pantry or any other Indian takeaway out of the park.

We usually order this from Marvin.ie because Just Eat or Deliveroo don’t deliver it. We’ve ordered it twice before from them and never had an issue, however we had an absolute disaster with them last night. I wanted to share this experience with you so that nobody else has the same issue. So gav came home from the rugby game at about 10.30pm and we ordered a takeaway because we were both starvinggg. He paid over €30 for it on his card (it’s not cheap but soo worth it). We got an email saying the order would arrive at 11.59pm. So at about 12.20am we realised that we had been waiting over an hour and hadn’t received our delivery. We tried to call both Marvin and Mehek and neither of them answered their phones. We sent an email and a tweet to Marvin and accepted that it wasn’t going to arrive and got other food (more money). We were so disappointed with how Marvin.ie handled our complaint – the response we got back was an email at 10am saying the order had been cancelled and our money would be refunded. We heard nothing else until 3pm today when we emailed again. The customer service rep told us that we had ordered a pre-order that was scheduled to be delivered today. However we had the proof to prove him wrong…

After much back and forward over email he reluctantly gave us a voucher code for €15 off our next meal. I was so disappointed with this service and will not be using Marvin again – in future we’ll order direct from Mehek and collect it.

Hopefully this post will help stop the same happening to anyone else! Don’t mess with a woman and her food!


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