June Nutribullet of the Month

Happy Hump Day!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this recipe up – I’ve been pretty busy this month with birthdays, concerts, events, everything! 🙈 
This one took some experimenting but this is one of my favourite smoothie recipes to get your greens in without actually tasting them!🍃
I always make these smoothies in the tall Nutribullet cup which makes approx. 700 ml. Here’s the recipe: 
2 handfuls washed spinach 
1 banana 
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1/2 cup chia seeds 
Fresh orange juice, not from concentrate, to max line (use pineapple coconut water for low sugar option) 
I buy a bag of frozen mixed berries from Lidl for about €4. It’s great value and makes the smoothies nice and cold. The berries will also keep for months in the freezer, so you’re not wasting any money on gone off fruit. 
Spinach contains blood pressure reducing proteins called peptides, cancer fighting phytonutrients and vitamin K for bone building. 
Mixed berries contain antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and K and fibre. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. 
Bananas are an important source of potassium, fibre, manganese and vitamin C. They help you sleep and improve immunity, as well as helping to absorb calcium. 
Chia seeds contain iron, calcium, zinc, protein, carbs, fat and fibre, which makes them ideal for an energy booster! They are high in omega acids which help stabilise blood sugar. 
Fresh orange juice as we all know is high in vitamin C, but you may not know that oranges have been linked to protection against mouth and stomach cancers. 
Here is the finished result: 

Hope you enjoy this one! Stay tuned for the July Nutribullet recipe coming soon. It’s going to be a tasty one, including cocoa powder and almond milk 👍

ReKammended Blogger x 

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