Kalms natural tablets for stress and anxiety

Hi ReKammend Me Readers!

As I’m sure you have noticed by now I use this blog as a platform to recommend lots of different products. My blog is different in that I write reviews about any products or services that I think everyone needs to know about. This blog isn’t about making money for me, the focus is on helping people and allowing you to get better value for your money!

I can’t recommend these Kalms tablets enough for anyone who suffers with stress, anxiety or panic attacks. These are a herbal product and the main ingredient is valerian root extract. These are available at most pharmacies and retail at approximately €10 for 100 tablets. I’ve used Rescue Remedy before but I definitely find these a lot more effective.

I’m obviously not medically qualified and you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking these.
If you have a big presentation, an interview, exams or anything nerve-wracking coming up hopefully these will help!
Karissa x


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