Clean & Clear Aloe Vera Exfoliating Scrub

So recently I have noticed a huge difference in my skin from taking off my makeup at night and exfoliating. This may sound like a simple skin routine but I never realised how important exfoliating my face is. I was previously using a foamy face wash. I find now that I’m exfoliating my skin is so soft, I get less breakouts and my makeup sits on my face much better. So I’ve been using this inexpensive Clean & Clear exfoliator. It’s working wonders as it has aloe vera in it which soothes redness and treats spots. It is also oil-free which I find makes a huge difference in reducing break outs. I now only use oil free products on my face and I definitely recommend this is you are prone to break outs!

I always use this at night time before I go to bed as I don’t think there is any point in exfoliating in the morning before putting on a face of makeup! Another great skincare tip that I found out recently is that you should never leave SPF on your skin over night. So if you have a moisturiser with SPF in it don’t use it before bed and always cleanse your face at night time even if you haven’t applied makeup. Always rinse off sun cream!

I’ve heard absolute wonders about Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair products and I’m going to be trying these out soon and I will review them for you!

Enjoying smooth and spot-free skin!

ReKammended Blogger x

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