Asus White Eeebook Laptop from PC World Online!

Hi Blog Readers!

I have to recommend this amazing deal I recently got on a laptop on This amazing eeebook cost €250 and came with a year’s free subscription to Microsoft Office as well as McAfee Security subscription. There was a small delivery charge and the parcel arrived within 4 days.

This laptop has an 11″ screen and weighs less than 1kg which makes it the perfect device for bringing in my handbag or carrying around with me wherever I go. The screen size is perfect. It’s not too small for watching videos or for looking at word documents or reading emails. Videos play perfectly on it –  I haven’t had any issues. It also has up to 12 hours battery life which is brilliant for travelling as I don’t have to bring the charger with me. This laptop is very light and thin and fits perfectly in my handbag.

I love the white colour, but it is also available on the website in red, black and champagne gold. The only restriction is that the laptop does not have a large storage capacity, however there is the facility to save all files to the OneDrive cloud, which also backs them all up so I always save to this.

I would definitely recommend this excellent deal if any of you are looking to purchase a new laptop! It’s perfect for all my blogging, reading emails and watching TV shows!

ReKammended Blogger x

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