Juicer from Lidl!

I was sick a few months ago and decided I needed a proper health kick so I bought this juicer from Lidl for €30! They usually retail at over €100 from other retailers. I’ve been using it almost every day for 3 weeks and it works perfectly and all the parts can be put in the dishwasher apart from the small dispenser with the blade. It’s so handy! I find juices make such a difference to my skin and give me lots of energy. I also find they help to stop bloating. I buy all my fruit and vegetables in Tesco or Lidl so basically the cheapest ones available. I made this juice this morning – Courgette, Celery, Ginger, Green Apples, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper and Lemon. It was delicious. Ginger and Garlic give a great flavour to the juices. I also use carrots and beetroot sometimes too. I usually only put in vegetables apart from Lemon and Apples.


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