Been, the app to record the countries in the world that you have visited!

I never did much travelling when I was younger I would typically go to Spain every summer with my family to the same area. As I have gotten older I am really interested in visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures and places. I haven’t seen many countries and I am now planning to visit a new country or place at least once a year! At the moment top of my list are United States of America (California, Vegas, Florida) and Dubai. I would also love to visit Asia and see places like Thailand, Japan and Indonesia.

This post is all about the new app I found that allows you to record the different countries you have visited in the world and it tells you the percentage of the world you have seen. Here is a screenshot of mine:

So I have only visited 4% of the world and 15% of Europe which is quite miserable. I plan on increasing this percentage soon!

You can also record the states in the US that you have visited. I have only visited New York, but I definitely want to do some travelling around the US in the future.

I love this app. It really makes me motivated to plan a fun summer holiday! Anyone who loves travelling will love it too!
Enjoy making some travel plans and let me know if there are any places you recommend for a great holiday and a new experience!
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