Heated Rollers!

Today is a hair post! I am absolutely obsessed with my heated rollers that I got about two years ago. I can’t go on a night out without using them and my friends always slag me for arriving to their house with rollers still in my hair! But I don’t care..they make my hair look like I just walked straight out of a hairdressers! Once I hairspray it it will hold for most of the night.

The heated rollers I use are by BaByliss and there are 20 rollers in the set of different sizes. For thicker hair there is also a set with 30 rollers in it. Here’s a picture of the ones I have:

The trick with these is to leave them to heat for about 20 – 30 minutes before using them. If they are not hot enough the hair won’t curl well. I usually try to leave them in for about an hour, depending on how curly I want my hair to be. Sometimes I use them for volume, more than curls which you will see in the first picture below and here I would usually leave them in for about 45 minutes.

Here are some pictures of my hair after using the heated rollers:

You have to invest!!

Enjoy bouncy hair

Karissa x

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