bBold fake tan liquid!

This tan is one of my desert island products! I am one of the people who truly believe life is better with a tan!! I have tried so many different tans including Vita Liberata, Fake Bake, Karora, Cocoa Brown, St. Tropez, Rimmel Sunshimmer, Sally Hansen and St. Moritz. However since trying bBold I definitely wouldn’t use anything really is the best one I have tried. I use the dark colour as I wear quite a dark colour foundation and I like to have a bronzed look. One layer of this tan gives a nice golden look nothing too dark so don’t be worried! I usually use 2 layers for day time and 3 layers for nighttime when I want to be super bronzed for photos and to match my darker night time foundation! I use the liquid tan in the spray bottle but it also comes in a lotion form.

Benefits of this tan:

Nice smell, not too strong
Dries Quickly
Moisturises skin with aloe vera and vitamin E
Fades naturally and easy to scrub off
Brown colour, not orange!
No streaks formula
Contains natural ingredients
Water resistant and very little rubs off when sweating during exercise
Applies well to face, doesn’t gather darker in places on the face
Lasts for up to 7 days

The tan takes up to eight hours to develop so I recommend putting on a layer the night before and another layer in the morning if going out later that night. I don’t usually wash it off when I do, so I would just apply the second layer without showering. I find this makes the tan look browner when you wash it off that evening. This tan wouldn’t look too dark or gather at the neck before washed off  it looks perfectly fine to leave the house without showering this tan off, just beware the tan will get darker by the hour!

It retails at approximately €15 for 200ml bottle and is available to buy from most chemists and drugstores such as Boots. It is very reasonably priced and this bottle usually lasts me at least three weeks.

The one thing I love about this tan is that the dark colour makes my teeth look so white!!

Here are some pictures of me wearing this tan. In all the pictures I have 3 layers of the tan on and I have showered it off. Some of these photos are from holidays last summer and this is the perfect tan for the summer as suncream does not take it off and it lasts well in the heat and is easily scrubbed off so you don’t get the awful scaly fake tan look!

Hope you love this tan as much as I do!

ReKammended Blogger x

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