Biotin and Collagen Hair Mask and Conditioner

Is your hair dry, brittle or in need of some TLC? This is the perfect product for you!

I have been dying my hair for about ten years now and my hair has gotten thinner over the years. I tried many different conditioners and hair masks from different brands and many improved the condition of my hair but I have never found a product that worked as effectively as this one. I recently dyed my hair bleach blonde which has dried out my hair but these products have really restored thickness and volume to my locks!

This product is called Biotin and Collagen and is created by a UK company called Xpel Marketing (I had never heard of them either!). I bought the hair mask and conditioner for €1.50 each in McCabes Pharmacy in Dundrum Town Centre so they are very affordable. This product is also available in a shampoo, but I have not used it.

After using these products for about 2 weeks I noticed that my hair wasn’t breaking as easily and it was much fuller and voluminous than it had been before. Even my friends and family started to notice how much thicker my hair looked.  I usually use the conditioner with every wash and leave it in for about 5 minutes before rinsing. I usually use the hair mask once a week and leave it in for about 30 minutes but you could leave it in for longer. You will really notice the difference after using the hair mask! Here’s another picture that I think shows the results…
Enjoy having fuller locks #bighairdontcare !!
ReKammended Blogger x

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