Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Blonde

I have to recommend one of my favourite eyeshadows next – Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in the colour Blonde. I absolutely love this eyeshadow as it is a light brown so I can use it quite heavily both on the lid of my eye and to line underneath my eyes and I don’t look like I have dramatic dark circles of eyeshadow around my eyes. I have green eyes and I find this shade really brings out the colour of my eyes. It draws attention to my eyes and almost makes them look bigger. I use it more heavily at night time. I usually use Urban Decay, Inglot and MAC eyeshadows but this is my favourite eyeshadow for day-to-day and as an all rounder. An absolute must for every girl’s makeup bag! I have found it difficult to find a brown eyeshadow that I like in the past as most of them come out quite dark, but this colour is perfect. This product retails at about €20 in Ireland and approximately £17 in the UK.

ReKammended Blogger x

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