Jen Selter’s Ab Workout!!

Hey bloggers, this is a fitness post and if you keep reading my blog you will learn that I am a health and fitness fanatic!! I believe that hard work is always rewarded and one of the best feelings in the world is seeing a picture of yourself with a body to die for!! Summer is fast approaching and one of my #toptips for getting amazing abs is cutting down on caffeine such as regular tea and coffee and switching to green tea. It is full of antioxidants, it will help cleanse your system and you won’t feel as bloated – its a really easy way to get a flatter tummy in a short space of time. What I really want to recommend, though, is Jen Selter’s ab workout which is posted below. All you need for this is a mat or even carpet to lie on – I love to do these workouts while watching TV, it only takes about 15 minutes and you will really see and feel results! I keep fit by running outdoors, using weights and other workouts. I am not a member of a gym and I don’t need to be, especially now that the weather is getting nicer. One of my #toptips for workout motivation, especially when you’re not part of a gym, is to get some nice stylish gym clothes, this will motivate you! They don’t have to be expensive – Penneys and Primark do a great range of gym gear. Jen Selter is an amazing fitness inspiration and she is becoming very famous for her dedication to fitness. You can follow her on Facebook at to see more of her tips and favourite workouts. She is living proof that hitting the gym hard will give you a dream body!

So get drinking that green tea and start doing those ab crunches – start off slowly now and you can work your way up to having that body to die for by the summer!

It’s officially #operationsummerbod, good luck with the workouts!

ReKammended Blogger x

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